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MIKROTIK web page usage instruction.

Trademark MIKROTIK is a property of MIKROTIKLS LTD and it is approved from the 20th of November in 2000. It is prohibited to use and distribute the trademark anywise.

MIKROTIK web page is provided to:

  • Inform clients and other interested persons
  • Popularize offered products
  • Offer various visual aids

Any illegal operations with information and visual aids from MIKROTIK web page are prohibited.

Copyright ©: Mikrotikls Ltd, 2000 - 2015.

This webpage contains history of Mikrotikls Ltd, main tendencies of the development and represented areas. It includes information about various projects, our experience, letters from customers and information how to intercommunicate with us. There is also a price list and description of products, technical description, instruction of usage and answers to frequently asked questions.

It is possible to download Mikrotikls Ltd's software products and their user documentation and manuals from MIKROTIK.COM.

All the information that is supplied in our web page has an informative disposition, this information is provided without guarantees and it has no juridical force.

The information that is included in MIKROTIK.COM is supplemented, restored and improved. MIKROTIK has rights to remove some parts or all information from web page or delete our web page without preliminary notification.

MIKROTIK does not bear responsibility for damages and harm that may have appeared due to misuse of information.

The visitors of MIKROTIK.COM have rights to express their view of quality, accuracy, expediency and opinion of the offered information.

Information (pictures, visual aids, etc.) acquired on MIKROTIK.COM is permitted to use only for personal and non-commercial purpose. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, preserve, archive and publish the information in traditional or electronical way without previous agreement with the holder of MIKROTIK.COM.

Actions that trench upon MIKROTIKLS Ltd rights are considered as an infringement of copyright.

Only MIKROTIKLS Ltd, the owner of copyright, is eligible to permit or prohibit the usage of our web page for commercial purposes to third persons.

The users of MIKROTIK.COM are not allowed to do actions that are in conflict with the normal web page usage and violate the legal interests of the creator of MIKROTIK.COM. MIKROTIKLS Ltd has the authority to demand the recompense for the copyright infringement.

MIKROTIKLS Ltd is eligible to change and improve these rules according to the legislation and situation.

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