Upgrading RouterOS

WebFig example

If you are already running RouterOS, upgrading to the latest version is simple. Just one click, and RouterOS will find the latest version, show you the changelog, and offer to upgrade. You can do this from Winbox, console, Webfig or QuickSet.

Simply click “Check for updates” in QuickSet, Webfig or Winbox packages menu.

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  • Torrent - All files downloadable with Torrent programs
  • NPK file - Default RouterOS version upgrade package, most important features included
  • ZIP file - Contains all packages, including additional ones (User manager, etc.)
  • ISO file - CD disk image, available only for x86 instruction set
  • Netinstall - Utility for Installation from network

Click on changelog link to view changes in current and previous versions.

Click on MD5 link to view MD5 hashes of files.

RouterOS v6.23 release candidate special release

You are welcome to download the following pre-release RC test packages to have access to the latest features and fixes. These versions are updated hourly, and may contain issues, so please use them only for test purposes.


We have CAPsMAN v2 ready for testing.


Note: CAPsMAN v2 is NOT compatible with current CAPsMAN v1 (CAPsMAN v1 CAP devices will not be able to connect to CAPsMAN v2 and CAPsMAN v2 CAP devices will not be able to connect to CAPsMAN v1). It means that both CAPsMAN and CAP devices should have wireless-cm2 package installed in order to make CAPsMAN v2 system to work. If you want to try out the CAPsMAN v2 upgrade all the CAPs and the CAPsMAN to latest RouterOS version and install wireless-cm2 package.

CAPsMAN v2 features:

  • CAPsMAN automatic upgrade of all CAP clients (configurable)
  • improved CAP<->CAPsMAN data connection protocol
  • added "Name Format" and "Name Prefix" setting for Provision rules
  • improved logging entries when client roams between the CAPs
  • added L2 Path MTU discovery

Upgrade options from v1 to v2:
Option1: Install a new temporary CAPsMAN v2 router in same network where the current CAPsMAN router is and start upgrading CAPs with wireless-cm2 package. All CAPs with the v2 will connect to the new temporary CAPsMAN v2 router. After every CAP is upgraded to v2, upgrade your current CAPsMAN to v2 and then turn off the temporary CAPsMAN v2 router.
Option2: Upgrade your CAPs and then CAPsMAN to v2 at the same time. In this case you could have little more downtime unless you schedule all the CAPs to reboot/install at the same time.

Useful tools and utilities

Winbox version 3.0beta3Configuration tool for RouterOS
NetinstallRouterOS Installation tool
v3.30 mipsleAll packages for version 3.30 mipsle
The DudeNetwork monitor tool
Wireless link calculatorWireless link probability calculator
TrafrTraffic sniffer reader for Linux distributions
BTestBandwidth test tool for Windows
NeighbourNeighbour viewer for Windows
AtherosRouterBOARD wireless card drivers
ArchiveSee more tools in the Mikrotik Download archive


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