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MikroTik and our Certified Training Partners offer RouterOS Training Seminars all over the world. Please see more details here on our training portal.


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Mikrotik Products

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MikroTik RouterOS

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Major features:

  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac support
  • Custom Nv2 TDMA protocol
  • Advanced Quality of Service
  • Stateful firewall, tunnels
  • STP bridging with filtering
  • WDS and Virtual AP
  • HotSpot for Plug-and-Play access
  • RIP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS routing
  • Remote WinBox GUI and Web admin
  • High availability with VRRP
  • Bonding of Interfaces
  • Telnet/mac-telnet/ssh/console admin
  • Real-time configuration and monitoring
  • 3G/LTE support
  • OpenFlow support


Cloud Core Router

Cloud Core Router is an industrial grade router with cutting edge multicore Tilera CPU, available in 9, 16, 36 and 72 core versions!

Unprecedented power and unbeatable performance - this is our new flagship device. If you need many millions of packets per second - the Cloud Core Router 1072 with 72 cores is your best choice - up to 120 million PPS is possible.

Watch the video:

MUM in 2016

Mikrotik User Meeting

Watch MUM video:

Announcing the MikroTik User Meeting (MUM) schedule in 2016

Tajikistan Tajikistan in Dushanbe,
September 27
Language: Russian
Russia Russia in Moscow,
September 30 - October 1
Language: Russian
Hungary Hungary in Budapest,
October 7
Language: Hungarian
Serbia Serbia in Belgrade,
October 10
Language: Serbian
Indonesia Indonesia in Jakarta,
October 13 - 14
Language: Bahasa indonesia
United Arab Emirates Middle East in Dubai,
October 17
Language: English
Netherlands Netherlands in Amsterdam,
November 11
Language: Dutch
United Kingdom United Kingdom in London,
November 14
Language: English
Brazil Brazil in Belo Horizonte,
November 24 - 25
Language: Portuguese
Bolivia Bolivia in La Paz,
November 28
Language: Spanish

Registration for all events is open, click here to register your attendance for free (lunch and RouterOS license require paid or voucher registration)!

Conference, exhibition, technical workshops and trainings - meet the WISP industry here at the MUM.

Mikrotik Academy

MikroTik is expanding RouterOS learning possibilities by launching the MikroTik Academy program for educational institutions - universities, technical schools, colleges, vocational schools and any others. Learn MikroTik at your University!

For more info see: mikrotikacademy.com

Academy Video