Made for Mikrotik

The Made for Mikrotik program consists of two parts: "Mikrotik certified Integrators" and "Mikrotik certified Accessories".
MikroTik Certified Accessories are made by Mikrotik approved companies, who make accessories specifically for MikroTik products. This includes RouterBOARD compatible cases, outdoor antennas and other products
MikroTik Certified Integrators are companies who make turnkey solutions based on Mikrotik RouterBOARD and RouterOS, their products include assembled CPE/AP devices, preinstalled Integrated antennas and Rackmount solutions assembled for and with RouterOS
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Below is a list of our 182 Certified Mikrotik Integrators and Accessory makers in Random order:


KPE spol. s r.o. is developer and producer of special microwave device.AirTik is MikroTik embeded OS a Routerboard platform, using regular RBminiPCI cards to transmit datas in Band from 9GHz higher with greatreliability. Compatible protocols are Nstreme and Nstreme Dual for PtMPand PtMP radio distribution. With this device you can avoid transmitiontrhu jammed and heavily used bands using MikroTik platforms. Microwaveunit are controled thru stay alone adapter which control complete ODUstatus including TX channels, TX power, temperature of ODU andLivestatus of operation of unit. Adapters as well power up units.

WiFi Boxes specializes in innovative indoor and outdoor cases for MikroTik products. With more than 10 years of real world WISP experience, we actually use the products we manufacture so every case is designed and built with attention to the details end users need in the field. We were one of the first manufacturers of custom cases for WISP devices and our outdoor enclosures are designed according to UL specifications with a lifetime warranty. Our products are all manufactured in the U.S.A.

J&J Jirous

J&J Jirous from Czech Republic make antennas and enclosures for mounting RouterBOARD products

We manufacture enclosures for mounting RouterBOARD products in rack. These are simple and inexpensive 1U rackmount cases. Available for models: RB250GS, RB750, RB750G, RB750GL, RB750UP, RB751U-2HnD, RB751G-2HnD, RB450, RB450G, RB493, RB493AH, RB493G. We can customize cases with your logo and also change the colors of enclosure.

NetMedic is one product design to the hospital. Powered by MikroTik RouterOS NetMedic bundle with Monitor temperature, date and uptime of MikroTik. New Design Casing spesific for Hospital.

Choice NetMedic for improving performance Your Network Hospital

NETUS Sp. z o.o. produces high-quality microwave antennas in Poland. Some of the antennas are integrated with RouterBOARD and other devices.With a very modern park of CNC machines can quickly perform non-standard contract. The company was founded in 1999 and sells its products in the global market.

Acconet client station is a complete subscriber unit for Wireless Internet Service Providers. The device consists of a 5GHz, 20dBi panel antena integrated with a high quality enclosure. The antenna is especially recommended for the higher parts of 5GHz (5600-5900MHz). Unit is equipped in powerful MikroTik RouterBoard RB911 with RouterOS system.

They are a professional communication antenna manufacturer in China. Their main products include 900MHz, 2.4GHz,3.5GHz and 5GHz WiFi, WiMax communication antennas and accessories. Most of their products are exported to North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, South Africaetc.The B-type series or E-type series integrated antenna are compatible with MikroTik RouterBOARD devices.

Sunparl is a antenna manufacturer who also makes antennas and enclosures for RouterBOARD devices

Panoptic SmartAdapters down convert a 48V PoE non-standard OR 802.3af signal to 12, 18 or 24V. This allows you to power ANY RouterBoard using ANY standard 802.3af POE switch, cleaning up your network room by avoiding multiple injectors, and giving you the advanced control offered by a managed switch.

Lindsay Broadband Inc.

Lindsay Broadband has several product lines that support the Mikrotik RouterBoard. Offering outdoor hardened access points with integral Ethernet and antenna port surge protection. Backhaul integration includes cable and DSL modems and Fiber. All housings feature IP68 weather seal. Strand mount APs for the CATV industry is a specialty. Fully assembled and tested in Canada.

Microwave Brazil

The Microwave Telecommunications of Brazil, produces equipment for high-performance wireless networks and now has developed a series of rackmount enclosures for routerboards Mikrotik. We can customize with your own logo and also change the colors of encloure

Wispmax manufactures and distributes Outdoor Enclosures with integrated antennas designed for fast assembly of Mikrotik RouterBOARDS.Wispmax also offers a wide range of professional products for Mikrotik users

GTT Europe Limited

Outdoor IP67 waterproof enclosure design
Off the shelf solution
Rapid time to market
Modular design covering all I/O configurations
Eliminates mechanical design integration frustration & problems
Reduced engineering time and cost
Solutions available for the complete Mikrotik router-board range

Online Technology

Online Technology makes monitoring / controll board made especially for monitoring MikroTik devices.

Wireless Instruments company has created the WiBOX antenna series with housings to install MikroTik embedded solutions inside. The company underlined for the highest quality and ergonomics. The different sized boxes provide WISP with the solutions with enough space to install any MikroTik board (RB411, RB433, RB600, RB711 et al.) inside and the multitude of offered antennas allows for system integration in one box as well.

KP Performance Antennas

KP Performance Antennas provides reflectors designed for the Mikrotik SXT line of radios. KP's Mikrotik SXT 23 inch MTK24EWIFIDB elliptical reflector has been made with the same quality, performance and attention to detail as our very well known industry favorite Cambium Canopy Claw Mount reflectors. These reflectors also feature an integral skew adjustment in addition to the elevation adjustment to help with complicated installations. The Mikrotik radio mount is fully UV protected and guaranteed. In order to provide reasonable shipping, we fit four full Mikrotik reflector kits into one box measuring 24 x 21 x 9 inches allowing us to fit 80 reflectors pack onto one pallet 45 x 45 x 51 inches.

Cyberbajt from Poland sells MikroTik products and also low cost outdoor cases for RouterBOARDs and integrated antennas.

Kenbotong Communication Ltd. is one of the leading antenna manufacturers in China. We have been in this business for over 25 years. And our antennas range from 30MHz to 6GHz. We also offer 2.4GHz antennas with enclosure for RouterBOARD products

Rackmount cases for RB/150, RB/450 and RB450G

This antenna and enclosure is specifically designed to fit MikroTik RB411 router boards.The antenna comes with an U.FL connector to directly attach to the electronics (not provided). A window allows to inspect the control LEDs without opening the enclosure.The enclosure passes IP67 and is UV stable to ensure longevity of enclosure and electronics. It further features a IP67/NEMA 4P waterproof RJ45 connector, allowing a preassembled Ethernet cable to be installed without opening the enclosure.The antenna can be turned left or right or be turned around for window mount with suckers.

MaxxWave(tm) products, made for and distributed exclusively by Baltic Networks USA, include some of the largest selections of indoor, outdoor, wall mountable enclosures, rackmount adapters, and low-cost power supplies and cables. Its flagship product UBTik(tm) is designed to mount a MikroTik Access Point on very popular Ubiquiti carrier-class antennas. Outdoor NEMA-rated enclosures feature a unique water-proofing design and quick-release thumb-screws for easy access to the enclosure contents. All MaxxWave(tm)enclosures can be custom branded for your OEM needs

BBMIMO is a company which is producer of enclosures and accessories for Mikrotik wireless routers (outdoor boxes, glands, pigtails etc.). BBMIMO designs Mikrotik Core router rack mount for high bandwidth management too, which can be customized by users order

Konsorcjum ATS

Konsorcjum ATS from Poland sells MikroTik products and also low cost outdoor cases for RouterBOARDs and integrated antennas.

The EZ-Go-Panel5 is a cost efficient weatherproof enclosure with integrated high efficiency antenna and accommodations for customer mounting of electronics.

Wi-fi networks equipment dedicated specially to Mikrotik’s devices. Wireless antennas, antenna mounts etc.

Firepro from India makes indoor and outdoor MikroTik boxes, designed for advanced wireless stations and for standard MikroTik RouterBoards. They are also makers of surge protectors and other accessories.

C3 Antennas are an universal outdoor Antenna enclosures designed forAPs and CPEs Wireless ISP's. With five minutes easy and simpleinstalation concept. It is completly full compatible with ALL MikroTikRouterBOARDs (Rb411,Rb433,Rb600) family and Crossroads. Our antennaenclosure still has eight integration points around wich can be used forLan and Wireless externals (AP, CPE or even in a Mesh network). It canbe bought with directional or sectorial antenna in 2,4Ghz or 5Ghzfrequencies according by your needs. Good instalations.

Plastmetal-PIS s.r.o.

SANO - development and production of antennas in Slovakia. We produce
parabolic antennas with integrated feed designed for the MikroTik router
board Groove 2,4GHz and 5GHz with a cable-less plug

Pro-Cell Co., Ltd.

PRO-CELL is a professional antenna manufacturer in Taiwan. PRO-CELL product range includes an outdoor APA enclosure which can be combined with RouterBoards inside and antennas both inside or outside.

Reflectors for RouterBoard SXT

ReflectorSXT25 is designed to amplify the signal of standard 16 dBi antenna RouterBOARD SXT 5HPnD / G-5HPnD up to 7-10 dBi more.

EDCwifi makes many accessories for RouterBOARD such as various Antenna Enclosure and Indoor Enclosure, 24V1A Power Supply Integrated with POE, various connector, converter and others. Visit our website for detail.

Linkit developes and manufactures outdoor enclosures for Routerboards, ready for RB411, RB433, RB435, RB711. The complete Made in Italy design and manufacturing of all components guarantees high reliability and superior performance. Our enclosures are designed around an exclusive plastic structure which provides a very affordable outdoor box. The construction is totally waterproof and guarantees protection in even the most extreme environmental conditions. Also carrier-class professional aluminum enclosures are available Paired with a MikroTik Routerboard, this enclosures allows you to build a complete base station which couples pleasant looks with ease of installation and use, at an extremely attractive price.

Four different sizes of outdoor enclosures with integrated antennas working in different frequencies from 700MHz through 900Mhz, 1.9GHz, 2.3Ghz, 3.5GHz up to 6GHz, specially dedicated for Mikrotik routerboards: 411, 711, 433, 600, 800 series. 5 years warranty.

MTI Wireless Edge develops and manufactures Antennas and Enclosures for over 35 years. Our antenna solutions include Base Station (BTS), Subscriber (CPE) and Omni directional Antennas on all frequency bands, including 2.4, 3.5 and 5 Ghz. MTI offers outdoor enclosures in different sizes, optimized for MikroTik RouterBOARDs. MTI has already fielded thousands of wireless solutions with MTI enclosures and antennas powered by MikroTik.

Technologic from Poland sells MikroTik products and also low cost outdoor cases for RouterBOARDs and integrated antennas.

Cloudtronics is the manufacture of the Cloudmate the worlds first Cloud based SFP | SFP+ programming device. This device will reprogram Mikrotik SFP
and SFP+ MSA table to enable Mikrotik SFP's to be used in a variety of switches like Cisco | Juniper | HP etc. Users simply use the built-in Chat system to describe the requirements to the operator and the re-programming
request will be conducted via the cloud.

ARC wireless

ARC wireless makes outdoor cases and antennas. Their products like the ARC IES are made to fit RouterBOARDs

This version of thermometer TM is designed specifically for Mikrotik RouterBOARDs. Thermometer is connected to the RouterBOARD’s serial port and it is powered from the same port. With this thermometer you can measure temperature from 2 points or monitor a status of switch.

MAVI 17GHz transverters are designed for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity in 17.1 - 17.3 GHz spectrum.

Handlink Technologies Inc.

WG-500P M works as a hotspot printer, as long as you first set up the billing profiles in MikroTik RouterOS, the venues can easily print out a private Internet access ticket just in seconds with one press. It is suitable for mini-sized venues such as café/ airport lounge/ store or shop.

These enclosures (available with integrated antennas) are specifically designed for the outdoor installation of sensitive wireless communication equipment.

INTEGRA from Poland makes indoor and outdoor MikroTik boxes, designed for advanced wireless stations and for standard MikroTik RouterBoards

meconet e.K.

Meconet from Germany offers a variety of products based on RouterOS and RouterBOARdD. Meconet also makes a 360 degree Broadband Triple Sector Antenna provides a cost effective solution for large scale WLL, WLAN, H-LAN, ISM, UNII, and Point-to-Multi-Point applications. This device has a built-in RB800 or RB433.

Easy Network (Thailand) makes 1U rackmount cases for RB450 and RB450G

Airwin Antennas make Integrated antennas for RouterBOARD products

Compex MIMO MJE Enclosure is an outdoor enclosure with 5GHz 17dBi built-in wide-band dual-polarization panel antenna with -40dB port isolation. The enclosure is made of UV resistant plastic and suites RB711 and RB411.

Antenabox products was developed in 2008 especially for RB4xx platform and have got extremely popular between WISPs particularly in Europe as a lowcost CPE solution to speed up Mikrotik sales. Also available - IQsocket products help to monitor and manage power of Mikrotik and other networking products by comfortable way. Power is monitored and managed over various networking interfaces such as RS232, Ethernet or GSM. They are very popular with Mikrotik boards as a lowcost RS232 watchdog solution or as a GSM remote power controllers.

KAM Fab manufactures Enclosures for RouterBOARD products.

Cyberteam are manufacturing microwave (2.4 and 5Ghz) outdoor antennas andselling wide rfange of networking equipment including MikroTik productsboth on global, as well on local market. The picture shows Airbox, one of their RouterBOARD compatible antenna cases.